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At Elite Services Holdings Ltd, we know that all companies are different and will have differing needs when it comes to Washroom Services. As a company we strive to supply quality washroom products and a first class service to our customers at competitive prices.

We ensure that the appropriate products are always installed and serviced both to satisfy current legislation regarding the disposal of clinical and controlled waste from commercial premises, and to provide a cleaner, more welcoming environment for employees, customers and visitors alike.

Our team of sales and service engineers has a combined total of over 100 years experience in the washroom solutions industry and we are always available to offer help and advice as required. Our success is directly related to our customers' satisfaction and we know that in a fiercely competitive business like ours, the customer is always King!

Washroom Services

Washroom Services

No company or public facing organisation can underestimate the benefits of having a professional provider of washroom hygiene services, not only can it enhance and reinforce your image, but it can also save you thousands of pounds every year while increasing customer satisfaction.

Elite are specialists in all aspects of high quality, cost effective Washroom Services ranging from; feminine hygiene, soap dispensers for hand washing together with air hand dryers, vending machines, urinal and WC flushing and water management systems, air care products including automatic fresheners, purifiers and even ozone generators through to baby changing stations with nappy bin facilities.

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Entrance Door Mats

Entrance Door Mats

Entrance door mats are your buildings first line of defence to help prevent dirt & moisture being walked in and damaging your interior flooring, and with first impressions of your organisation starting at the entrance, the presentation and cleanliness of your reception area says a lot about your company.

Elite provides fully serviced entrance Floor Mats nationwide, offering a complete range that provide protection for your staff, customers and visitors with anti-slip or anti-fatigue properties in a choice of 3 standard colours. Alternatively why not create visual impact and promote your corporate brand image by using Elite's personalized range of customised mats with logo designs, available in a choice of 33 colours of any bespoke shape or size.

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Clinical Waste

Clinical Waste

Elite's range of Clinical Waste containers and disposal bins are designed for the safe storage and disposal of contaminated needles, medical sharps, swabs and dressings. All units conform to British Safety Standards and provide a practical solution, for both Elite Washroom Services and more importantly for you as the producer of the controlled waste.

Clinical waste is defined in the Controlled Waste Regulations 1992, to find out how this applies to you and more very important information please visit our Duty of Care section.

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Free Risk Assessment

Free Risk Assessment
Choose the wrong washroom services supplier and you could expose your company to a £5,000 fine under the Duty of Care legislation. Find out now if you are at risk!

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Waste Transfer Station

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